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Subject details

At the completion of this subject students will have gained:

  1. familiarity with a range of examples of Roman art and architecture
  2. a substantial understanding of the ways that Roman art and architecture reveal aspects of social and political contexts in which they were produced
  3. the ability to analyse relationships between visual and literary culture in the construction of Roman art and architectural history
  4. the ability to construct sustained and substantiated arguments and to present written work in a clear and academic manner
  5. an enhanced set of skills in communication as well as developing the ability to synthesise, discuss and evaluate historical issues.
    • Italy before the Romans: art and architecture of the Greeks and Etruscans
    • The development of the city of Rome: Republican Rome I and monumental structures
    • Republican Rome II: portraiture
    • Republican Rome III: private buildings
    • Republican Rome IV: buildings for entertainment and leisure
    • Republican Rome V: artistic traditions
    • Augustan Rome I: the imperial capital of Augustus
    • Augustan Rome II: monumental structures
    • Augustan Rome III: the image of Augustus
    • Julio-Claudian art and architecture I: monumental structures
    • Julio-Claudian art and architecture II: portraiture
    • Imperial art and architecture in the Provinces
    • Imperial art and architecture from the Flavians to the Severans
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Equivalent subjects

You cannot enrol in this subject if you have successfully completed any of the following subject(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:

  • MAQ-HST265

You are recommended to have completed the following subjects(s) or have equivalent knowledge before starting this subject:


This subject is taught with the presumption that the student has previously completed at least one Level 1 Ancient History subject.

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject was previously known as HST265 Art and Architecture Through Roman Eyes.

This subject provides an introduction to the artistic and architectural traditions of the Roman world from the late republic until the early imperial period. Learn about the development of the city of Rome from its foundation through to its transformation into the imperial capital of the Roman Empire under Augustus and his successors. We will analyse a wide range of ancient visual texts, including monuments, private buildings, buildings for entertainment and leisure, sculpture, painting, gems and coins as well as a selection of ancient written sources. Particular attention will be paid to the relationship between art, architecture and the development of Roman politics and society.

  • Assignment 1 — Source Analysis 1 (25%)
  • Assignment 2 — Source Analysis 2 (25%)
  • Essay (40%)
  • Online Discussion (10%)

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