Warning! This subjects requires on campus attendance. Refer to Special Requirements for more information.

Subject details

Upon the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  • critically discuss migration and movement within the Australian and worldwide context and its impact on culinary culture, health and nutrition;
  • discuss the significance of food as an element of cultural identity for migrant groups in Australia and worldwide;
  • recognise a range of ingredients, understanding their uses in food preparation and cooking and their cultural significance;
  • develop advanced skills in recipe development and food preparation of a variety of multicultural dishes from traditions to modern day;
  • develop, prepare and present an ethnic food and supporting materials that demonstrates understanding of ethnic food trends in Australia.
    • Advanced food skills
    • Australia, migration and multiculturalism
    • Acculturation, dietary acculturation and ethnic identity
    • Food fads and trends
    • Indigenous Australia to British
    • Exploring cuisines and migration stores: Indian, African, Turkish Ottoman, Greek Mediterranean, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese
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      • Embedded Multimedia
      • Online Quizzes/Tests
      • Online assignment submission
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You must have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject:

LTU-DTN102-Applied Food Chemistry


HBFN students can undertake this subject if they have been enrolled in the prerequisite subject DTN102 in the previous study period. However, if the prerequisite subject is failed you will automatically be removed from this subject. Contact an Open Universities Australia student advisor for more information.

Special requirements

  • AttendanceDetails - This subject includes an intensive face-to-face block of 10 business days at a commercial kitchen in Melbourne including lectures/tutorials, demonstrations and practicals that you will be required to attend.
  • TravelDetails - Students will be required to spend 10 working days (Mon-Fri) at a commercial kitchen in Melbourne to complete an intensive block of classes. Students are responsible for costs associated with travel and accommodation while completing the intensive.
  • OtherDetails -

    This subject is offered via Open Universities Australia. La Trobe University students can undertake this subject as part of a cross institutional enrolment under certain circumstances, and must seek approval from the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition course coordinator for eligibility. Due to the nature of the subject content and online delivery, enrolments are generally not permitted past the published OUA enrolment date for the study period.

In this subject you will be exposed to a range of cultures and their cuisines, food preparation and cooking methods. You will attend a block of intensive demonstration and practical classes in a commercial kitchen in Melbourne and also participate in online learning. You will apply advanced food and nutrition skills to formulate solutions to a range of complex practical food and nutrition challenges.

Your learning in this subject will be assessed through the development of an ethnic food product suitable for an ethnic food event, along with the completion of a comprehensive applied food skills practical manual that demonstrates your ability to select and apply industry best practice methods and technologies in the field of food, nutrition and gastronomy  

  • Ethnic food product design (20%)
  • Food and Nutrition Skills Practical workbook (40%)
  • Develop food product concept (40%)

Textbook information is pending.

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