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Upon successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  1. Evaluate the concept of the 'dignity of risk' and its relation to duty of care for people with disabilities
  2. Critically evaluate ethical challenges that present when supporting decision-making approaches for people with cognitive disabilities
  3. Select and critically evaluate the ethical issues that arise in a selected disability-related topic
  4. Interpret and transmit knowledge about various disability-related debates and how their resolution is reflected in current legislation
  5. Reflect on a given profession's code of ethics and its relationship to current disability-related legislation.
    • Human Rights and the Person
    • The Political and Legal Environment
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In order to enrol in this subject, students are required to apply to OUA's Postgraduate Single Subjects program (OUA-PSU-GCE).

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Working with people with disabilities to support their rights and choices is an integral part of disability practice. In this subject, students will learn about ethical challenges faced by people with disabilities and by professionals in supporting the exercise of human rights. Debates in key topics to be explored will include personhood and citizenship, autonomy and self-determination, capacity to consent, the ethics of care, dignity of risk and duty of care, sexuality and reproductive rights.

Risk Forum - Online forum to discuss and evaluate scenarios related to dignity of risk and nature of support provided. Ethical Perspectives Evaluation - Report evaluating reasons for different ethical perspectives by different people in a given scenario involving approaches to supporting a person with cognitive disability. Guardianship Case - Prepare a case for presentation at the Guardianship Board about appointing a guardian to make decisions about a given scenario involving a person with cognitive disability (e.g., sterilization, persons place of residence).

  • Risk Forum (750-word equivalent) (10%)
  • Ethical Perspectives Evaluation (1 x 2,500-word equivalent) (45%)
  • Guardianship Case (2,500-word equivalent) (45%)

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