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  • Topics
    • What are the meanings of work and leisure
    • This thing called Theory: how it relates for Work and Leisure
    • Management and the Board - How do they maintain power
    • Work, Control and Intensification - what does it mean
    • Coping and Resistance in the Workplace
    • Unionism and Activism at Work
    • Gender and Ethnicity - do they matter in work and leisure?
    • Leisure, parenting and Emotional Labour
    • Leisure, Stress and Health
    • Leisure, Leisure Industries, Private, Commercial,Government Sector and Voluntarism
    • The Future - Work, Leisure and Sustainability
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After successfully completing this subject you will be able to

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the world of work and its interdependent relationship with leisure and an awareness of related trends occurring in both
  2. identify and canvas problems in the management of work and the organization of workplaces
  3. see the liberating potential of a schedule of work organized around the reciprocal need for leisure
  4. apply theoretical lessons and empirical studies to problems of work and leisure, and
  5. exercise generic skills in the area of research, analysis and critical evaluation, problem solving and written communication
  • Assignment 1 - Analysis Task — Visual Analysis (50%)
  • Assignment 2 - Online Discussion 1 (25%)
  • Assignment 3 - Online Discussion 2 (25%)

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This subject looks at how theories of work and leisure manifest, particularly within Australian contexts. We look at how compatible, or incompatible, work and leisure is with what we know about life balance and well-being. Are we getting optimum results from work and leisure that benefits us all? Some groups in society do not believe that we are getting equal opportunities for work and play so we explore control and resistance at work alongside workplace activism and disadvantage in the workplace. Independent variables - gender, disability, age etc. impact on us as workers but how does the workplace cope with this diversity? Also how does work and leisure fit with the needs of partners and families? Our aim is to look at these questions analytically and seek solutions that use a range of critical sociological studies to do this.

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