Related degrees

Undergraduate GRF-BUS-DEG-2020

Bachelor of Business

  • Business Introductory Core Subjects
  • Major in Human Resource Management
  • Major in Management
  • Major in Contemporary Marketing

Undergraduate GRF-COM-DEG-2020

Bachelor of Communication

  • Major in Journalism
  • Major in Public Relations
  • Major in Business Communication
  • Major in Creative Writing
  • Major in Screen Studies

Undergraduate SWI-BBP-DEG-2020

Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

  • Major in Psychology
  • Co-Major in Sociology

Undergraduate SWI-BBS-DEG-2020

Bachelor of Behavioural Studies

  • Major in Psychological Studies
  • Co-major in Sociology

Undergraduate SWI-BUS-DEG-2020

Bachelor of Business

  • Major in Economics (currently in Teach-Out)
  • Major in Finance (currently in Teach-Out)
  • Major in Information Systems
  • Major in Marketing
  • Co-Major in Economics (for Finance students) (currently in Teach-Out)
  • Co-Major in Economics (not for Finance students) (currently in Teach-Out)
  • Co-Major in Finance (cannot be taken with the Finance or Economics Major) (currently in Teach-Out)
  • Co-Major in Finance (for Economics students) (currently in Teach-Out)
  • Co-Major in Information Systems
  • Co-Major in Marketing (cannot be taken with the Marketing Major)