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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of plagiarism, paraphrasing and the principles of Academic Integrity
  2. analyse, model and reflect on effective classroom communication strategies; decide on personal priorities for professional learning for continual development of communication skills
  3. examine a range of frameworks used to determine personal and professional learning needs to develop plans for professional growth
  4. describe key characteristics of effective teachers and explain their ethical, legislative, administrative and organisational responsibilities
  5. interpret the current Secondary teaching context in relation to cultural, political and social forces that shape education.
    • The modern teaching landscape (political, cultural, social, historical)
    • What does an effective teacher 'do'? Overview
    • What does an effective teacher 'do'? Communication
    • What does an effective teacher 'do'? Planning
    • What does an effective teacher 'do'? Assessment
    • What does an effective teacher 'do'? Relationships, social-emotional expectations and developing resilience
    • Understanding your responsibilities
    • Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
    • Equity and ethical issues in teaching
    • Legal issues in teaching
    • Teacher interview discussion
    • Developing your personal and professional learning plan
    • Reflection and review
  • Study resources

    • Instructional methods

      • Audio/Video conferencing
      • Discussion forum/Discussion Board
      • E-Portfolios
      • Embedded Multimedia
      • Online assignment submission
      • Podcasting/Lecture capture
      • Standard Media
      • Streaming Multimedia
      • Web links
    • Online materials

      • Audio-Video streaming
      • Resources and Links
      • Online Assessment

In order to enrol in this subject, you must be accepted into one of the following degrees:

  • CUR-SED-DEG-2018

Special requirements

  • OtherDetails -

    Access to Microsoft Office and video creation & editing software

Teaching in the Secondary School is an introductory subject that explores fundamental aspects of what it means to be an effective classroom teacher in secondary schools. It covers aspects of professional responsibilities of teachers in regards to communication, teacher identity, professional growth and understanding of current and diverse teaching contexts.

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  • Draft Plan (10%)
  • Presentation (40%)
  • Assignment (50%)

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