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At the completion of this subject students will:

  1. identify key theoretical, conceptual and empirical ideas relating to the interrelationships between place, health, development and well-being
  2. determine how urban and regional planning influence the health and well-being of populations
  3. analyse how socio-cultural values and local economic factors interact with global processes to influence development outcomes at the local level
  4. apply analytical skills to interpret analyse and synthesise data from a variety of sources and communicate information effectively.
    • Introduction to Geographies of Health
    • Understanding Geographies of Health: data, methods and techniques
    • Determinants of Health and Scale 1: physical and social environments
    • Determinants of Health and Scale 2: health services and the politics of health care provision
    • Communicable diseases background
    • Determinants of Health and Scale 3: income and social status
    • Global health: definitions, structures and challenges
    • Health and space: therapeutic landscapes
    • Global environmental change and health
    • Gender and health
    • Migration and health
    • Spatial patterns of disease 1
    • Spatial patterns of disease 2

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This subject provides insights into the interrelationships between geography and health. Topics include: indicators of health and well-being, the relationship between place and health, socio-cultural beliefs and values and their influence on health-seeking behaviours and an appreciation of the spatial and other challenges involved in the equitable and efficient delivery of health care services.

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  • Research Report (50%)
  • Practical Exercise (50%)

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