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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a sound knowledge of issues concerning 18th and 19th century art works
  2. evaluate the integrity of diverse sources of information within the discipline
  3. analyse the relationship between art works and the cultural and intellectual contexts in which they operate.
  • Topics
    • What is art history?
    • The Enlightenment
    • Neo-classicism
    • The French Revolution
    • The Industrial Revolution and emergence of modern political thought
    • Romanticism
    • Women artists & the definition of femininity 18/19th Century
    • The impact of new technologies of reproduction
    • Realism
    • Courbet, Manet and the emergence of the Avant-garde
  • Study resources
    • Instructional Methods
      • Audio/Video conferencing
      • Disscusion forum/Discussion Board
      • Online assignment submission
      • Standard Media
      • Web links
    • Online Materials
      • Resources and Links
      • Printable format materials

Entry Requirements

You are recommended to have completed the following subjects(s) or have equivalent knowledge before starting this unit:


You must have a high level of proficiency in the English language and competent essay writing skills.

Special requirements

No special requirements

You will examine key issues in European art history and reflect upon their relevance in contemporary culture. You will explore the profound changes that radically transformed European society between the 18th and 19th centuries. You will explore Romanticism, Classicism and Realism in art; the emergence of modern political ideologies; the shifting face of European society; and the impact of industrialisation upon European culture.

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  • Assignment 1 - Essay 1 (40%)
  • Assignment 2 - Essay 2 (45%)
  • Assignment 3 - Test (15%)

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