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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. describe aspects of Yolngu people life, their languages and history
  2. develop a beginning understanding of key concepts of Yolngu life
  3. develop a basic understanding of the Yolngu and gurrutu (kinship) systems
  4. develop a basic knowledge of the sounds, spelling and pronunciation of the Yolngu languages
  5. develop a basic understanding of grammar.
    • Key concepts from Yolngu life
    • Yolngu kinship
    • Pronunciation of Yolngu languages
    • Spelling Yolngu languages
    • Yolngu towns and homelands
    • Other topics include: Yolngu ancestors, crafts, foods, housing, Macassans, missionaries,
    • Every week students will be expected to learn new vocabulary
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      • Online Assessment

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The subject is designed to give an introduction to the life and language of Yolngu people in Northeast Arnhemland. The degree concentrates on Yolngu Matha (Yolngu language) forms of Dhuwala and focuses on the everyday community version of the language. A basic grounding in the sounds of the languages, the grammar, and a basic vocabulary will give grounding for the learning of other Yolngu languages. Moiety systems, various aspects of kinship, Yolngu life, creation stories, songs, art and ceremonies, and how these relate together, will be presented.

  • Assignment 2 (10%)
  • Assignment 1 (10%)
  • Assignment 4 (30%)
  • Assignment 3 (20%)
  • Assignment 5 (30%)