Subject details

At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. explain and apply their understanding of a particular topic or area of interest in relation to their current language studies through translation
  2. apply an understanding of the protocols involved in the process of negotiating and translating knowledge and information from one Australian Indigenous language into another language or vice versa
  3. critically examine the ways in which knowledge and the representation of knowledge is changed through translation processes
  4. apply skills in research techniques, planning a translation project and in writing a translation where this is appropriate.
    • A student will chose their own topic and work with texts based on that topic

You are recommended to have completed the following subjects(s) or have equivalent knowledge before starting this subject:


You must be familiar with at least one Yolngu language before starting this subject.

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject provides an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and skills in a language-based subject to an area of specific language interest and apply their knowledge and skills to the processes of negotiating with knowledge holders to develop an appropriate and respectful translation. Students are appointed a supervisor to oversee the in-depth process of developing a topic and negotiating that topic and the translation with the right knowledge holders determined in consultation with staff from the School.

  • Translation Proposal (15%)
  • Annotated Translation Project (85%)