Subject details

The aim of the subject is to provide students with the first steps towards a sound, practical command of basic Indonesian.

At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate and apply a basic understanding of the grammatical system of Indonesian language
  2. read and respond to simple authentic Indonesian language sources
  3. demonstrate an understanding of many fundamental aspects of Indonesian cultures and compare these to Australian thinking and practices
  4. write basic compositions in Indonesian
  5. participate competently in everyday social conversation in Indonesian within the range of topics covered
  6. participate competently in pair and group interaction in Indonesian.
    • Self and family
    • Time and daily activity
    • Buy and sell goods
    • Directions and locations
    • Describing people and places
  • Study resources

    • Instructional methods

      • Audio/Video conferencing
    • Online materials

      • Resources and Links
      • Printable format materials
      • Online Assessment
    • Other materials

      • CD ROM

No eligibility requirements

Special requirements

No special requirements

Curious about Indonesia and would like to get to know the country and its people in more depth? This subject provides an introduction to the Indonesian language for students with little or no prior knowledge of the language. It is designed to guide the student to a basic level of proficiency, to be built gradually from beginning to more advanced levels. Spoken language, basic grammar and the general structure of discourse are introduced systematically to enable students to gain a good working knowledge of the language.

  • Writing Language Exercises (14%)
  • Oral presentation (20%)
  • Role Plays (2) (28%)
  • Essay - Indonesian (500 words) (30%)
  • Oral language exercises (8%)