Foundation subjects

Study foundation subjects to improve your academic performance and subject knowledge before you start your university degree.

Study a Unilearn foundation subject and get the best start at university. Refresh your knowledge on a particular topic, or take the first step towards learning something new.

Unilearn foundation subjects cover the fundamentals of several maths and science disciplines, plus English, economics and online study.

How it works

Flexible study options

Start studying at any time and get up to 12 months from your enrolment date to complete each subject.

To help you stay on track and succeed, we recommend you enrol in a maximum of two subjects to start with. After three months of continuous study, consider taking on more subjects.

Exams and statements

In case you need to submit a score to a university, VTAC or other body, you can sit an optional exam. Optional exams costs $75. If you pass your exam, you’ll be awarded a Statement of Achievement showing your grade and percentage mark.

If you just complete your subject you’ll get an ungraded Statement of Completion.

If you’re unsure if you need to sit the optional exam, contact Unilearn for clarification.


Unilearn foundation subjects are not accredited university subjects and cannot be applied as credits.

Full-time enrolment requirements

Individual subject enrolment

Subject Subject hours Weeks to complete the subject (full-time load)
Academic Literacy Skills (ALS) 160 13 weeks
Introductory Mathematics (IM) 220 18 weeks
Senior Mathematics 220 18 weeks
Biology (B) 220 18 weeks
Chemistry (C) 220 18 weeks
Physics (P) 220 18 weeks

Combined subjects enrolment

Subjects Total subject hours Weeks to complete the subject (full-time load) 
Academic Literacy Skills (ALS) plus any other Unilearn subject 400 32 weeks
Any Unilearn math subject, and any Unilearn science subject 400 36 weeks

Get started

Subject name Code Provider Availability
Academic Literacy Skills UNL-UNL11 Unilearn Continuous
Senior English UNL-UNL14 Unilearn Continuous
Chemistry UNL-UNL21 Unilearn Continuous
Introductory Mathematics UNL-UNL31 Unilearn Continuous
Senior Mathematics UNL-UNL32 Unilearn Continuous
Biology UNL-UNL44 Unilearn Continuous
Get Prepared to Study Online UNL-UNL64 Unilearn Continuous
Physics UNL-UNL71 Unilearn Continuous
Introduction to Economics UNL-UNL81 Unilearn Continuous