Accounting major

Kick-start your future career as a financial expert

Advertising major

Join the mad men and women of the advertising world

Ancient history major

Immerse yourself in ancient empires, myths and civilizations

Art history major

Frame yourself alongside history's great artists

Biosciences major

Deepen your scientific understanding of the world around you

Biotechnology major

Use the building blocks of biology to help the world

Business analysis major

Map out a career boosting businesses to do better business

Business communication major

Learn to talk the talk in the business world

Business law major

Become the business professional that recognises issues and manages risks

Chinese language major

Translate your passion for language into a career for life

Civil engineering major

Construct a career foundation that's solid as a rock

Community development major

Take up a career that gives back to your community

Contemporary marketing major

Flaunt your entrepreneurship as an innovative marketeer

Corporate information management major

Get your career in information management in order

Creative writing major

Start an exciting new chapter in your creative development

Criminal justice major

Protect, serve and learn during your criminal justice studies

Data analytics major

Make a big career move and analyse big data

Economics major

Turn your head for numbers towards an economics major

English education major

Inspire a love of language in tomorrow’s learners

English major

Let your passion for words inspire your English major studies

Finance major

Invest in your future career in finance

Financial planning major

Make it your business to be a financial planning expert

Fine art major

Paint a place for yourself in a colourful industry

Geography major

Pin your career in geography on the map

History major

Travel through the centuries of Australian and world history

Human resource management major

Stand at the forefront of improving workplace engagement

Humanities and social sciences education major

Encourage school students to think, analyse and communicate

Indigenous studies major

Connect with Indigenous issues of reconciliation, country and culture

Information and business systems major

Bridge the worlds of business and information services

Information systems major

Bring your IT expertise to the table to change business

International aid and development major

Discover where to lend your talents on the international stage

International hotel management major

Make yourself at home in the global hospitality sector

Internet communications major

Connect digital communication theories with your future career

Journalism major

Choose a journalism major that makes your career the headline

Librarianship major

Stack up as a librarian, archivist or records manager

Literature major

Begin the next volume in your literary adventures

Logistics major

Move your career from A to B and beyond

Management major

Make your mark as a future business manager

Marketing major

Brand yourself as a savvy marketing specialist

Mechanical engineering major

Take this major’s building blocks and design a powerful career

Media studies major

Graduate from audience member to media and communications expert

Modern history major

Delve into the past to gain insights into the present

Philosophy major

Broaden your ethical and moral thinking with this philosophy major

Politics major

Enter the political arena and debate policy, topics and history

Professional writing and publishing major

Be the author of your future in this professional writing specialisation

Psychological studies major

Think about what studying psychology will do for your career

Psychology major

Choose a psychology major that gives you food for thought

Public relations major

Make a name for yourself as a public relations expert

Screen culture major

Step into the world of directors, actors and screenwriters

Screen studies major

Screen studies takes you behind the camera and beyond

Security, terrorism and counter-terrorism major

Secure your future career and the future of the nation

Society and culture major

Examine social cultural practices and attitudes

Sociology major

Discover what lies under the surface of society

Sustainable development major

Grow into a sustainability expert

The arts - visual arts education major

Step out of the art studio ready to teach and learn

Visual culture major

Frame your visual culture studies with art theory and research