Industry and the workplace

Manage people, places or processes

Create better workplaces. Employ relationship skills, transport your knowledge of logistics, and unpack supply chain management. Develop solutions to reduce hazards or expose information about environment and safety laws. 

Manage people, projects, movement and productivity. Recruit enterprising human resources skills or reduce workplace health and environment risks. Scope out project management practices or create a safe and healthy workplace. 

Study for a career with an enterprising future

Industry and workplace skills are in demand; offering diverse jobs with broad specialisations across multiple industries. 
See yourself in your career as a change management specialist, talent acquisition officer, project manager, WHS officer, recruitment consultant, or logistics director.
Work for a multinational, in a consultancy, for the government, a small business or in the logistics, transport and supply sector. 



Improve your career prospects when you study through OUA and get accreditation from some of Australia’s peak, reputable organisations.

Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board
The core activity of the Accreditation Board, in association with The Safety Institute of Australia, is to review university level OHS professional education programs and, in turn, provide recognition for the programs that meet the accreditation criteria. The Board’s vision is that OHS professional education meets the highest possible industry standards and so is recognised by the profession, government, industry and the community.

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