Strategise, scope and scale your future in business

Influence corporate culture and improve business performance in a constantly changing global economy across multiple industries.

From economics and business law, logistics and management to marketing and technology—consult with industry, get networking and bank on a future of growth.

Get critical about navigating numbers and forecasting finances. Solve business challenges and lead change. Build profits as well as brand profiles. Consult and collaborate and mentor others. Differentiate markets and marketing. Manage people and channels.

A business career gives you more opportunities to diversify, inspire and lead from home or the world.


Business degrees

Undergraduate GRF-BUS-DEG-2021

Bachelor of Business

  • Business Introductory Core Subjects
  • Major in Human Resource Management
  • Major in Management
  • Major in Contemporary Marketing

Undergraduate CUR-ACC-DEG-2021

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

  • Level 2 Major Subjects
  • Level 3 Major Subjects

Undergraduate SWI-BUS-DEG-2021

Bachelor of Business

  • Major in Information Systems
  • Major in Marketing
  • Co-Major in Information Systems
  • Co-Major in Marketing (cannot be taken with the Marketing Major)

Business subjects

Delve deeper into business interest areas

What you do with your education is your business

Get entrepreneurial about your business career and find an enterprising future—every industry needs someone like you with business skills. Create your own start-up, manage a company, start a small business or run a global, corporate empire for someone else.

Business studies lead to a variety of jobs in business law, information management, marketing, economics, accounting and logistics and more.

There are so many ways to do and be successful in business. Challenge yourself to study a degree online through Open Universities Australia.


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