Arts and humanities

Study what makes you human, artistic and creative

Draw on a rewarding career. Give back, politicize or design an artistic, passionate life in the arts and humanities with a human touch.

From photography and policy, history and human rights, to languages and animation—an arts degree gives you more choices to connect, communicate and create.

Get a feel for what brings communities together, work for an NGO or become a humanitarian leader. Dig into historic detail, philosophise about the future or uncover cultural heritage and artefacts. Document, articulate and collaborate.

There’s more to arts and humanities than a palette. Find your niche and enrich yourself and the lives of others.

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Arts & humanities degrees

Undergraduate MAQ-ART-DEG-2021

Bachelor of Arts

  • Major in English
  • Major in Ancient History
  • Major in Modern History
  • Major in Philosophy
  • Major in Politics
  • Major in Sociology
  • Major in Creative Writing
  • Major in Indigenous Studies
  • Major in International Relations
  • Major in Applied Ethics

Undergraduate GRF-ART-DEG-2021

Bachelor of Arts

  • Major in Art History
  • Major in Creative Writing
  • Major in Criminal Justice
  • Major in History
  • Major in Journalism
  • Major in Literature
  • Major in Media Studies
  • Major in Public Relations
  • Major in Screen Culture
  • Major in Sociology

Undergraduate GRF-COM-DEG-2021

Bachelor of Communication

  • Major in Journalism
  • Major in Public Relations
  • Major in Business Communication
  • Major in Creative Writing
  • Major in Screen Studies

Undergraduate CUR-CME-DEG-2021

Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management)

  • Level 4 Subjects - Professional
  • Level 4 Subjects - Honours

Undergraduate CUR-AIA-DEG-2021

Bachelor of Applied Science (Interior Architecture)

  • Level Four Subjects
  • Level Four Subjects - Honours Stream

There’s a fine art to choosing your career

Learn how to leave your mark on the world and make a difference. Create beauty, tell stories, make things, help people, protect history, archive life, build, design, draw or write.

Your career starts here with a range of inspirational arts and humanities online degrees from Australia’s leading universities.


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