Student coaching and counselling service

Student coaching

Our Student Coaches can help you overcome difficulties you're having with study and to explore ways of improving your study techniques through one-on-one support. You can speak to a Student Coach about a range of study related areas such as:

Our Student Coaches can also refer you to a Student Counsellor if you'd like to talk confidentially about any personal issues that may be affecting your studies.

How to book an appointment

Enrolled students can make an appointment to speak with a Student Coach via email to

Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 4.30pm (last appointment) AEST/AEDT. Appointments are typically 20-40 minutes.

When you request an appointment, please provide us with your OUA ID number and your best contact phone number, as well as some information about the support areas you would like assistance (please see 'What our coaching service doesn't cover', below).

What our coaching service doesn't cover

There are a few areas our coaching service won't be able to help you with. They include:

Unit-specific questions

Student Coaches aren't tutors and can't help with questions specific to an area of study or to your unit. They cannot grant extensions or apply on your behalf. That's something your provider university Unit Tutor or Coordinator can give you advice on.

You can find contact details for your Unit Tutor or Coordinator on your provider university student portal or learning management system (LMS).

Tutoring support

Student Coaches can't read your assignments or essays. Please do not send your assignments to Student Coaches.

If you'd like some advice on an essay you've written, you should try Smarthinking, the 24/7 online tutoring support service or contact your provider university Unit Tutor or Coordinator.

Administrative and technical help

If you'd like to get help with admin tasks like enrolling or planning your studies, or if you're not sure about something on our website, you should contact a Student Advisor.