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Student coaching and counselling service

Being an online student can mean juggling family, work, friendships and of course study. We know that a healthy balance isn't always easy to maintain, and lots of students find themselves looking for advice about how to manage their time, how to create a flexible study timetable and how to make sure their wellbeing isn't affected by the competing demands.

That's why we offer a student coaching and counselling service.

Student coaching

Our Student Coaches can help you with:

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Student counselling

Our Student Counsellors can help you with:

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What the coaching and counselling service doesn't cover

It's important to know that there are a few areas our coaching and counselling service won't be able to help you with. They include:

Unit-specific questions

Student Coaches aren't tutors and can't help with question specific to an area of study or to your unit. That's something your provider university Unit Tutor or Coordinator can give you advice on.

You can find contact details for your Unit Tutor or Coordinator on your provider university portal or learning management system (LMS).

Tutoring support

Student Coaches can't read your assignments or essays.

If you'd like some advice on an essay you've written, you should try Smarthinking, the 24/7 online tutoring support service or contact your provider university Unit Tutor or Coordinator.

Administrative and technical help

If you'd like to get help with admin tasks like enrolling or planning your studies, or if you're not sure about something on our website, you should contact a Student Advisor.