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Alternative Assessment Arrangements (AAA)

Some examples of alternative assessment arrangements (AAAs) are:

  • Use of a Scribe or Reader
  • Use of a PC or laptop
  • Rest/movement breaks
  • Exam papers printed in a larger font
  • Additional working time
  • Voice recognition software
  • Exam conducted in a private or separate area of the exam room, away from other students

Alternative assessment requirements are to be determined and approved by the university you are studying your unit(s) with.

You will need to submit medical documentation supporting your application  to your university.

Approved alternative arrangements will be arranged for students at their nominated Network Exam Venue. Special Local Invigilators (SLIs) will only be provided if the student is unable to travel due to their disability or medical condition, or if they reside more than 150 kilometres from the established venue.

AAA students will be sent a letter confirming that their selected exam venue will be supporting the approved AAAs that were requested. Letters will be posted to their registered correspondence address one week prior to their scheduled examination(s).


Examination travel bursary

Students who are further than 100 kilometres from the nearest examination venue may be eligible for a travel bursary. You can find further information on the travel bursaries page.


Examination venues

Network exam venue

Students who live within 150 kilometres of a network exam venue are required to attend that venue. If a student lives within the metropolitan area of a capital city they are required to attend the network examination venue.

Nomination of examination venues

Students will be able to change or nominate an examination venue via the OUA Exam Services site seven weeks prior to the commencement of the examination period. The venue selection option will be open for three weeks and will close four weeks prior to the commencement of the examination period. Please see the Exam key dates page for specific dates.

Students wanting to change or request an examination venue after the nomination closure date may have their request denied. Please contact the OUA Exam Service to discuss your options.


Selecting your preferred examination venue

When you select your Examination Venue, you may choose to select the venue for all your examinations, or select a venue for each of your examinations.

Clicking on the actual venue name will provide you with the address and telephone details of the venue.

Your selection will be automatically updated in the Exam Venue summary page, however, it may take up to 7 days to be reflected in your examination timetable details, as displayed in the Exam Venue and Timetable Summary page.


Special local invigilators

If a student lives more than 150 kilometres from the nearest network examination venue, or the student has a medical condition or disability which precludes travel to a network exam venue they may apply to sit their examinations with a Special Local Invigilator (SLI).

Students must nominate a Special Local Invigilator (SLI) via the Online SLI form that is available at the time your Venue Selection and Examination timetable is available. Please see the Exam key dates page for more information.

The form is accessible from where you nominate your preferred exam venue - Exam Venue Summary page.

The nominated invigilator must NOT be a relative, friend or have any vested interest in the student's studies.

Recommended categories of invigilators are as follows:

  • University/TAFE examination officer
  • Corporate training officer
  • Librarian
  • Minister of Religion or other religious leader
  • School principal, deputy principal or teacher

Applying for an SLI

You will be required to submit your SLI request along with the details of your SLI nominee via the SLI Online Form.

The OUA Examination Service website provides an SLI application form which is only available between Study Period Weeks 7 and 9, Session Weeks 8 and 11, and Semester Weeks 8 and 11. During these periods you can access the form on the Book an exam page of My Study Centre.

The SLI Online Form requires details of your SLI nominee, including their name, address, and contact details, as well as details of their own or their employer's business.

Your SLI request will cover all your unit exams for that teaching period. If for some reason, you require both an SLI and a venue selection, submit your SLI Online Form and contact the OUA Exam Services to discuss your venue selection requirements.

You will be required to scan and load a form of identification for your SLI nominee, such as a business card, or an official letter from the SLI nominee's employer ,clearly showing the position held, and the actual business address.

You may update your SLI Online Form with the required identification for up to two days after submission. The request will not be processed until the required identification document is loaded to the online application.

Your SLI request will be assessed and verified by the OUA Exam Services team and you and your SLI nominee will receive email notification advising you of the outcome of your request.

SLIs for students studying in India

If you are a student studying in India, or wishing to sit your exam in India, and you wish to apply for an SLI, you must contact the OUA Exam Services team directly to discuss and apply for your SLI.

You must not apply for your SLI via the Online SLI form as there are special requirements that must be met for SLIs conducted in India, and the OUA Exam Services team will discuss these with you prior to your application.