Exams & results

Exams overview

Many units include an invigilated or supervised examination as part of the assessment criteria. Your end of term exams will be arranged by the OUA Exam Services and held in your nearest OUA Exam Services venue. This service will apply to all students, both local and international.

Your exam supervision will not require any additional payment.

End of term exams are held on Monday to Friday, and usually begin in the week following the end of each Study Period or Session, or during the last two weeks of Semester. Find out when to view your timetable, nominate your venue and sit your exams in the Exams key dates section.

Some units also require mid-term exams; these are not arranged by OUA Exam Services. If your unit has a mid-term exam, your provider will let you know how to arrange your examination.

Exam timetable

Your exam timetable will list the time and day that you are required to sit your exam, and will allow you to nominate a venue from the Exam Services venue network. If you can't attend your exam at the scheduled time, you may be eligible to defer your exam to a following Study Period depending on your circumstances.

Exam timetables are available:

To view your timetable (when it's available), go to the Book an exam/Exam timetable page in My Study Centre.

For more information, contact OUA Exam Services using our Online Enquiry form, by email at exams@open.edu.au or by phone on +61 3 9902 7891.

Exam Venues

OUA Exam Services has an extensive network of venues located across Australia and internationally. Full venue addresses will be available from Study Period Week 7, Session Week 8, and Semester Week 8 when the venue selection is available for you to nominate your preferred exam venue.

To view the list of cities in which an exam venue is located, refer to the OUA Exam Services Venue List.

Examinations Travel Subsidy

If you are required to travel more than 100 kilometres to reach your examination venue, you may be eligible to receive an Examinations Travel Subsidy of $100 for each exam you need to attend.

For more information, refer to Travel subsidies.

Special Local Invigilation

If you live more than 150 kilometres from an OUA approved exam venue, or have a medical condition or disability that precludes travel to an exam venue, you can apply to sit your exams in your local area with Special Local Invigilation.

Students with disabilities

OUA Exam Services offers an Alternative Assessment Arrangements (AAA) service to help meet the needs of students with disabilities. You must apply for your Alternative Assessment Arrangements via the provider of your unit(s). You will need to submit supporting medical documentation with the AAA application form available on our Disability support.

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