Why study online?

Open Access

Our goal has always been to make education easier to access. One of the ways we do this is by making many of our undergraduate courses and units available without academic requirements—things like ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks, the scores students receive after completing secondary school in Australia) and grade point averages.

We refer to these courses and units as open access or open entry (which, by the way, is where our name comes from).

How does open entry work?

Say you've got your eye on the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) with Curtin University. If you want to study it as an on-campus student there is at least one academic entry requirement standing in your way, even if you're applying as a mature-age student.

If you study towards the same degree online through OUA there are no academic entry requirements to hurdle during enrolment. You don't need to worry about your previous study. (You also don't need to worry about whether your study schedule will suit your work or family obligations—you can shape your timetable to fit your life.)

Ready to start studying?

Choose your first units towards your degree. We've made it easy for you to browse and select units from our areas of study:

You can enrol online, or speak with a Student Advisor on 1300 762 579 to enrol over the phone.