Studying through OUA

Study materials

Every course and unit is provided with a range of study materials, which allows you to study from anywhere with internet access.

Your study materials can be delivered in four ways:

  • Fully online - all content, activities, assessments and support services are provided online
  • Web dependent - most of your materials are provided online, with some supplementary materials delivered in other modes, such as print or CD. There could also be some face-to-face involvement
  • Web supplemented - most of your materials are available in print, on CD or DVD, or on audio and video tapes. However, internet access is still required for communication and research
  • Print only - all content, activities and assessments are provided using printed materials. However, support services can be contacted by email

You can learn more about the study materials provided with your unit on the unit details page under Delivery method.

When will I get my study materials?

Your study materials will be sent by your course or unit provider, and are sent the week before the study term starts. Access details for online materials will be sent to the email address you used when you enrolled, while print materials will be sent to the mailing address you used.

As postage can take several days, don't panic if your materials take a few extra days to arrive. If your materials haven't arrived, or online access been given, by Wednesday in the first week of the study term, please contact your course or unit provider.