Studying through OUA

Levels & prerequisites

Unit levels tell you whether a unit is introductory or advanced, while prerequisites are the knowledge and experience you're expected to have before starting a unit. Knowing the levels and any prerequisites of your units can help you make an informed decision when choosing your units.

Undergraduate levels

If you were studying an on-campus degree full time, you could complete it in three years. At OUA, units are split into three levels, which match up to whether you'd study them in your first, second or third year if you were studying on campus. Some undergraduate courses also include Level 4 units.

Your unit's level is indicated by the first number of the unit code. For example, AAA110 would be Level 1 and AAA310 would be Level 3.

You start your course with Level 1 introductory units, and finish with the more advanced Level 3 and 4 units.

Postgraduate structure

The structure of postgraduate courses can vary depending on the course you want to do, but generally includes a certain number of core units, and a certain number of elective units. You can learn about the structure of your postgraduate course by visiting the Course units tab on the course details page.


Prerequisites are the requirements you need to meet before taking on a course or unit, and typically include previous education and/or work experience requirements.

While some of these prerequisites are recommended, others are mandatory and you cannot enrol without having completed them. If you've completed prior study that is equivalent to a mandatory prerequisite, you may be eligible for an exemption.

To find out the prerequisites for a unit, visit the Are you eligible to study? tab on the unit details page.


Co-requisites are units that you must study prior to, or at the same time, as a unit. Like prerequisites, co-requisites improve your chances of success by building your subject knowledge. If you've completed prior study that's equivalent to a mandatory co-requisite, you may be eligible for an exemption.