Studying through OUA

Find the right study fit for your life through Open Universities Australia.

You call the shots when you study through OUA. When picking units, you control your schedule to meet the demands of your working and home life. OUA will assist you in finding the right course, connect you with the university, lecturers and students you need to speak with and provide support when you need it. We will help guide you through the process when you send us an online enquiry, pick up the phone or enrol online.

How to enrol

You've done your research, you know what you want to study and you're ready to rollĀ - and enrol.

Read How to enrol for more information.

Study load

A big benefit of studying through OUA is the flexibility that comes from fitting your study around your other commitments. One of the ways of taking advantage of this flexibility is by choosing a study load that suits you.

Read Study load for more information.

Levels & prerequisites

To help you decide how you should plan your study and choose the unit that's right for you, it's important to understand levels and prerequisites.

Read Levels & prerequisites for more information.

Credit for previous study

If you've already completed some study that's relevant to the course you're interested in through OUA, you may be eligible to gain credit for previous study.

Read Credit for previous study for more information.

Computer requirements

To study online you'll need regular access to an email account and reliable internet access. Before you begin, make sure your computer system meets our computer requirements.

Read Computer requirements for more information.

Study materials

The academic providers will make sure you have access to the materials you need to work through your unit. Depending on your choice of unit, you could have a range of different study materials.

Read Study materials for more information.

Study tracker

The Study Tracker is an interactive checklist that allows you to track your progress while you are studying through OUA. Plan your studies, see how many units you have completed and keep track of tasks that you still need to do.

Read Study tracker for more information.