Financial assistance

Your study goals are within reach of your budget.

Education is a worthwhile investment and whatever your study objectives we can help you get there. We can give you advice on the costs associated with undertaking study. You may be able to access a variety of financial assistance options including:

Find out more and start on the path to achieving your educational and professional goals.

VET Student Loans

Read VET Student Loans for more information.


FEE-HELP is a popular student loan scheme made available by the Australian Government. Over 70 per cent of our students take advantage of FEE-HELP.

Read FEE-HELP for more information.


HECS-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme available to eligible students enrolled in Commonwealth supported places. The loan scheme assists students with their student contribution payments and is a cost-effective way to fund course studies.

Read HECS-HELP for more information.

Travel subsidies

While studying online eliminates many of the additional costs associated with on-campus study, there are some courses and units that require attendance. To help cover these costs, we offer travel and attendance subsidies.

Read Travel subsidies for more information.

Government allowances

Some OUA students may be eligible for Youth Allowance, Austudy  or the Student Start-up Loan from the Commonwealth Government. You can learn more from Centrelink about eligibility for Government allowances.

Read Government allowances for more information.