Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

What is a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)?

A CAN is a statement of your enrolment and a record of your use of Commonwealth assistance (your FEE-HELP loan) for a study term. Your CAN is a statement—it's not an invoice or a request for payment—and is for information purposes only.

Under Commonwealth legislation, higher education providers must issue a CAN to all Commonwealth assisted students within 28 days of the Census date of the study term.

What is an eCAN?

An eCAN is an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Notice (eCAN). It's the online version of a paper CAN. All students who are accessing the government loan scheme FEE-HELP, will have an eCAN generated for each Census date which they have an enrolment.

What information is available on my CAN/eCAN?

Your CAN/eCAN includes:

How do I access my eCAN?

You'll find your eCAN in My Study Centre, at Statements & results. Select FEE-HELP eCAN to download or print a copy of your eCAN.

If you're unable to access your eCAN, contact us for assistance.

When will I receive my eCAN?

Your eCAN will be ready within 28 days of the study term you're enrolled in. All students who are Commonwealth supported and/or request FEE-HELP can access their eCAN through My Study Centre.

If you've enrolled in advance using FEE-HELP in later study terms, you'll receive eCANs detailing any additional liability relating to those study terms within 28 days of the relevant Census date. Your eCAN will be updated 28 days after the Census date.

What should I do when I receive my eCAN?

Check the details of your eCAN to ensure:

What if my eCAN is incorrect?

Contact us if you believe your eCAN contains errors—you can lodge a request for issuing a new eCAN.

Can you mail me my CAN?

If you need a paper CAN, or you're unable to access your eCAN, contact us for help.