Fees & charges

Payment options

You can easily pay for your units as part of the online enrolment process, including upfront payments, or choosing from the government funding options available.

Government funding

Eligible OUA students can apply for HELP loans, which allow you to defer paying your fees until your income reaches the minimum threshold. Then you simply repay your debt as you pay your taxes!

There are currently three types of HELP loan available, each designed for students with various needs:

Upfront payment

You can pay any fees and charges upfront via:

Secure online credit card payments can be made on the Make a Payment page in My study centre or by calling a Student Advisor. Payments by cheque or money order can be made payable to 'Open Universities Australia' and sent to:

Open Universities Australia
GPO Box 5387
Melbourne 3001

No matter which payment method you choose, remember to make sure OUA receives your payment by the Close of Enrolment date relevant to your study term so you don't miss out.