Fees & charges

Administration fees

Academic transcripts

There is no charge to download a Record of Results or Statement of Attainment, or for OUA to email your statement to a nominated third party. You can access these services from Statements & results in My study centre.

Student services and amenities fee

Universities are entitled to charge a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) to support the provision of non-academic services and amenities to students. Three universities choose to apply this fee to OUA students. If you're an OUA Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) student studying with Curtin University, Murdoch University or Swinburne University you will be required to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee as follows for 2017:

Curtin University: Please visit http://fees.curtin.edu.au/amenities.cfm for more details.
Murdoch University: $36 per half year ($36 for Study Periods 1 and 2, and $36 for Study Periods 3 and 4)
Swinburne University: $44 per unit of study with a cap of $290 for students who study 7 or more units in a year

The university you're studying with will invoice you directly and you can arrange payment with them.

Fee loan scheme

If you're eligible for HECS-HELP you're also eligible for a loan through SA-HELP to help you pay the SSAF. Please visit the Study Assist website, or contact the university you're studying your degree with for details of their policy regarding SA-HELP.

Students who are not eligible for HECS-HELP are subject to the full fee.

Curtin Students: For more information please visit the Curtin SA-HELP page directly.

Swinburne students: For more information please visit the Swinburne SA-HELP page directly.

Swapping a unit

Requests to swap a unit must be submitted to OUA via our Online Enquiry Form.

While undergraduate and postgraduate units can be swapped before the Close of Enrolment date at no cost, any swaps after this date incur a $50 penalty. TAFE units can only be swapped within 14 days of enrolling, with each swap incurring a $50 fee.

Withdrawing from a unit

If you choose to withdraw from a unit, you may incur an academic or financial penalty or both depending on the date you submit your request. To learn more about withdrawing from a unit, please visit Withdrawing. If you are a Commonwealth supported student, please see Withdrawing from a CSP course.

Please contact a Student Advisor for more information, or your unit tutor for specific subject advice.