Study Tracker

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What is Study Tracker?

Study Tracker is an interactive checklist to help you stay on track while studying through OUA. There's a lot to remember when studying online, and Study Tracker can help you ensure that you don't forget anything, at any stage of your study journey.


How do I know what stage I'm in?

The study stages in Study Tracker follow the same process that you follow when studying. First you Consider whether you want to study, then you Plan your units, then you Enrol. Once you're studying, you will go through the process of Starting, Studying and Finishing each of your units.

If you are studying towards a course, once you've satisfactorily completed all the required units you can Graduate.


What does the progress bar mean?

The progress bar shows the level of completeness of your Study Tracker in the selected study term. Please note that the amount of progress you have made on your Study Tracker checklist is not the same as the amount of progress you have made in your course.


Are finishing Study Tracker and finishing my course the same?

No; if you tick off all of the Study Tracker items for a study term, that is not the same as finishing your course.

Study Tracker measures your progress through administrative items and other helpful tips, but does not contain course or unit-specific information like assignments or exams. While you can set a study intention, your study intention may not match your academic provider's requirements for completing a course. As a result, Study Tracker cannot measure the completeness of your course.