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Can I credit study from elsewhere towards a course at OUA?

You should seek written approval from the university that offers your course to have previous study, or study from another provider, credited towards your degree (e.g. if you are studying Griffith University's Bachelor of Arts, you should contact Griffith).


Can I do more than one course at once?

OUA doesn't offer double degree courses, as our enrolment procedures and criteria are different to those of most traditional universities. If you are interested in pursuing two separate qualifications, you should speak to a Student Advisor.


Can I use OUA units towards a degree I'm already studying elsewhere?

On campus university students who want to credit Open Universities Australia units towards their qualification should seek written approval from their university. We do not process refunds (beyond standard policy) should you discover you are unable to obtain credit for a unit you have already enrolled in.


Can anyone help me choose my units?

Our Student Advisors would be more than happy to help you plan your studies. You can even enrol ahead, saving you the stress of multiple enrolments. Find out more by visiting our student support services page.

Do I have to go to classes?

There are no on-campus requirements for most Open Universities Australia students. Exceptions include nursing and education units that require practical experience, laboratory based science units and capstone units in courses such as the MBA.


Does Open Universities Australia offer short courses?

We offer free, four-week courses through Open2Study.

You can also choose to study some undergraduate units individually (and not necessarily work towards a full degree). These usually take 13 weeks to complete (in addition to an exams period for most units.)  Check each unit page for more information.

Postgraduate courses have an application process, and units within them can usually only be studied as a part of the course, unless special permission is sought from the university.


How can I access my enrolment and payment statements?

You can download your enrolment and payment statements from the the Statements & results page in My Study Centre.

You can view and download your up-to-date enrolment statements back to January 2008. For payment statements, you can view and download your up-to-date documents back to July 2008.

If you need enrolment or payment statements from years prior to these, you can request them using the Online Enquiry Form. We can email the statements to any email address you nominate, or post them out to you as hard copies.


How can I get help with my assessments?

OUA offers you online, on-demand tutoring support through Smarthinking. You can use Smarthinking to get feedback on draft essays, book online chat sessions with tutors, or get a detailed response to a specific question.

You can also get in touch with your fellow students by visiting the student community discussion forums. A lot of OUA students form online study groups this way.


How do I get a copy of my record of results?

Your record of results (also known as an Academic Transcript) can be downloaded from the OUA website as a PDF. In order to download a copy, simply log in to My Study Centre, select Completed units and select the link for the kind of statement you require. You can also find information about requesting a hard copy of your Record of Results there.

As well as downloading a copy of your record of results from the site, you can request that OUA directly email a copy to a third party. This may be useful in situations where you need to provide evidence of your academic results, such as when seeking credit for your studies from a university, or when applying for employment.


How do I withdraw from a unit?

If you're considering withdrawing from a unit, please visit our Withdrawing page.


How does studying through Open Universities Australia work?

Studying through OUA may be different to your previous study experiences, and it can take time to develop the skills you need to be an independent online learner.

We offer access to a range of units and qualifications that are taught by leading Australian universities. You can complete single units for interest, or follow a course structure to work towards a specific qualification. Units are offered in several study terms throughout the year, and you can choose to study part-time or full-time, continuously or with breaks.

OUA handles enrolment, some administration and offers a network of support services. The universities send your study materials, handle all academic matters and are responsible for your assessment and graduation. If you decide to complete a course, you will graduate from the university offering that course, for example RMIT or Griffith.


I haven't studied for a while. Where should I start?

The most important thing is to start slowly, perhaps taking only one unit in your first study term. This will give you the opportunity to get into a proper study routine without the pressure of multiple due-dates.

Most courses have recommended study paths. Please check the course page of the course you are interested in.

If you know you want to start studying, but don't know which course you want to work towards, OUA Pathways is for you. It lets you study a combination of four units designed to get you into the swing of study in the field you're interested in. You might think of it as a way of trialling online study or as preparation for a full degree.

Once you start your studies, make sure you use the free online tutorial support available to all enrolled students through Smarthinking, which will help you to improve your results.


I need a hard copy of my record of results. How do I get one?

Some institutions will only accept original, hard copy versions of your record of results. In these instances, you can request that a paper copy be mailed to you. This carries a fee of $15.00 (AUD) per copy. To order a hard copy statement, contact an OUA Student Advisor via phone and have your credit card details handy. Please note that you cannot request a copy of your record of results using the Online Enquiry Form.

I think I want to change courses. Who can help me do this?

A Student Advisor can help you with any proposed course changes. Contact a Student Advisor about your options by submitting a question using our Online Enquiry Form.

I'm not sure what to study. Who can help me?

Our Student Advisors are familiar with our entire course catalogue and can help you choose the right qualification. Depending on your previous study experience, career goals and areas of interest, a Student Advisor can suggest the perfect study path. Contact a Student Advisor by via our Online Enquiry Form.

If you know you want to study but you're not sure which is the right course for you, then take a look at OUA Pathways. OUA Pathways recommends the best units to start your studies. Each pathway includes four units based on your area of interest.

Once you complete your recommended path you'll be able to choose from a range of courses in your area of interest. Plus, each of the units you complete through OUA Pathways can also be credited towards your chosen course.


Is the qualification I can gain through OUA studies an AQF qualification?

All the undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications available through OUA are AQF qualifications. The AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in the Australian education and training system. It incorporates the quality assured qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive framework which outlines the qualifications, for example a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree that form part of the Framework.

The AQF Council also provides guidelines for the training and education concerning such things as the volume of learning, outcomes and characteristics of each AQF level of qualification.

The AQF has been recently revised with the purpose of ensuring qualifications remain relevant, consistent and flexible and ensure national and international portability. This has meant that from 2015 the structure of some higher education qualifications has changed. Details of any changes affecting students studying through OUA can be found on individual qualification descriptions.

You can find out more at the AQF website.


Is there a graduation ceremony?

Students who complete the requirements for a course are able to graduate with other students at their awarding university. Each university has different procedures concerning graduation; however the first step for students enrolled through Open Universities Australia is to notify their provider university that they intend to complete a course. For more information, contact the course coordinator listed on your chosen qualification outline.


What are Graduate Attributes?

Graduate Attributes describes the qualities or characteristics that graduates of undergraduate courses are expected to acquire as a result of their study. These attributes are the responsibility of the academic providers and award granting institutions. The Graduate Attribute goals of our shareholder universities are described at:


What are Postgraduate Single Units?

We've selected Postgraduate Single Units from our catalogue of courses, giving you the flexibility to further your study towards a qualification in future. Postgraduate Single Units are true stand-alone units.
However, successfully completing these units may provide you with the opportunity for a credit transfer to a different level of qualification in your future.


What can I do if I disagree with my mark?

If you wish to query a mark you receive, or any other academic decision, your first point of contact should be the representative of the university that provides the unit, such as your unit tutor, coordinator or academic provider. Most of these situations should be resolved through discussion between you and the university that provides your unit.

If you are unable to reach a satisfactory outcome with the university's representative, you should follow the academic complaints process of the university. Information on this process will be available in your study material or on the university's website.


What does my record of results contain?

Your record of results contains a list of all units you have enrolled in, and your corresponding final results, including successful and unsuccessful completions and withdrawals. It is the principal official record of your results, and is the document that will be requested by anyone seeking confirmation of your academic progress.

What is a Statement of Attainment?

A Statement of Attainment is a list of all units that you have successfully completed, and their corresponding final results. It does not include any unsuccessfully completed units or withdrawals.

What is a payment statement?

A payment statement lists the payments you have made to OUA. These can include payments for your units (by FEE-HELP, credit card or cheque/money order), as well as ancillary payments (such as purchasing a hard copy of your Record of Results). Each annual payment statement covers one financial year. Your payment statement may be useful when claiming the cost of your enrolment for tax purposes, or in receiving reimbursement for your studies from your employer.

What is an enrolment statement?

An enrolment statement lists your paid enrolments (and withdrawals, if applicable). It contains information about your enrolled units and corresponding study load. It does not list your results or payment methods. It can be used to show proof of your study load, such as when claiming Centrelink benefits.

What is the cut-off date for swapping a unit?

You can request to swap one unit for another until the close of enrolment at no cost. If you would like to swap a unit, or have concerns about your study load, contact a Student Advisor using the Online Enquiry Form.


What's a study term?

A study term refers to the fixed period of time that units are offered.

Our study terms include Study Periods, Sessions, and Semesters.

Sessions are for postgraduate students, and Study Periods and Semesters can be for either undergraduate or postgraduate students.

study term timeline


What's a unit?

Units are subjects offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Postgraduate units are offered in Sessions, Study Periods and Semesters. Undergraduate units are offered in Study Periods and Semesters.

A Bachelor's degree is usually made up of 24 units.


What's an invigilated exam?

An invigilated exam is an examination supervised by an invigilator. The invigilator is responsible for ensuring that you sit the exam under university conditions.

Invigilated exams are arranged by OUA Exam Services and conducted in one of the many approved exam venues worldwide.


When are results available?

Results are usually available six to eight weeks after the end of each study term, and can be viewed by signing into My Study Centre and going to the Results and statements page. Some results may also be available directly from the university that provides your unit, although they are released at different times. For more information, visit our Getting results page.

When is the cut-off date for enrolment?

You can check the enrolment cut off dates for upcoming study terms by visiting our Key Dates page.


When will I get my study materials?

Your provider university will usually send out print study materials the week before or during the first week of the study term. Email instructions on how to sign into your online materials are sent around the same time, but you may not be given access until after the study term has begun.

If you haven't received your materials or sign-in instructions on your first day of the study term, don't panic. But if you're still waiting a few days into Week 1, we recommend giving the university that provides your unit(s) a call.


Which units should I start with?

OUA Pathways recommends the best units to start your studies, even if you're not sure which course you want to do. Each pathway includes four units based on your area of interest.

Once you complete your recommended units you'll be able to choose from a range of courses in your area of interest. Plus, each of the units you complete through OUA Pathways can also be credited towards your chosen course.

OUA Pathways units are open for enrolment year-round, so you can get started when it suits you.


Who can help me put together a Study Plan for my course?

To determine the right Study Plan for you, get in contact with a Student Advisor. They will know which units you need to study, in which order, to achieve your qualification. They can also suggest the right study load for you in light of other commitments you may have. To contact a Student Advisor, submit a query via the Online Enquiry Form.

Will I have to do exams?

Exams are a part of many units, and with a bit of planning and preparation, you can go into your exam relaxed and confident. Don't leave your exam preparation until the last minute - you won't do your best if you stay up cramming the night before. Your study materials will guide you on which aspects of the unit to concentrate on. Look for unit, topic, and lesson outcomes and use them as a starting point for preparation.