Degree structure

Degree details

Learning outcome information is currently unavailable for this degree.

There are opportunities in advisory roles in agricultural extension, property management working with State Departments of Primary Industry and private consultants providing advice on scientific, technical and economic matters.

No eligibility requirements

The maximum advanced standing shall be for four subjects which are deemed to be equivalent to subjects offered by UNE and approved for the degree. Credit may be given for subjects completed at UNE, NSW TAFE Graduate Vocational Certificate in Rural Extension and Community Development or for subjects completed from another institution and not counted towards an awarded qualification.

Credit may also be given for one subject on the basis of considerable professional experience.

Please Note: Due to changes brought about by the Australian Qualifications Framework, the Graduate Diploma in Rural Science will no longer be offered by the University of New England. This degree will not be taking further applications. Students working towards this degree should complete all required subjects by Session 1, 2018. Relevant OUA subject offerings will still be available until 2018 to allow all current students to complete the award requirements by the end of Session 1, 2018.

The challenges of food security, climate change and developments in agricultural technology mean that there is an increasing demand for highly trained agricultural scientists both within Australia and worldwide.

The Graduate Diploma in Rural Science is designed to allow students with a background in the sciences to develop expertise in agricultural science. Students study core subjects in agricultural science (agronomy, animal science, soil science and land management) and then select either the plant science or animal science stream.

Recommended Study Pattern

Students must complete four core subjects and four subjects from either the Plant Science stream or the Animal Science stream.

  • Students are recommended to start with the core subjects before selecting either the Plant Science or Animal Science stream
  • Full-time students starting in Session 1 should enrol in two of AGRO211, ANPR211 and RSNR403
  • Full-time students starting in Session 2 should enrol in SOIL222 and a subject from their selected Stream
  • Part-time students starting in either Session 1 or Session 2 should enrol in a core subject from the list below
  • All students are encouraged to contact the degree coordinator for an enrolment plan.

Award Requirements

To qualify for the Graduate Diploma in Rural Science students must complete eight subjects including four core subjects.