Warning! This degree has changed. Read the transition arrangements.

Warning! This degree has been withdrawn and is no longer available for new applicants. Students who are already working towards this degree can continue to enrol in subjects.

Degree structure

Degree details

On successful completion of this degree you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a broad, critical and practical understanding of contemporary issues and practices in business
  2. Evaluate and apply concepts, principles, theories, methods and contemporary practices in the area of international business to a range of organisational settings
  3. Demonstrate a reflective and critical awareness of the legal, ethical, social, economic and environmental implications of business operations, processes and decisions
  4. Conduct and manage business activities across borders, cultures and communities ethically and sustainably
  5. Communicate clearly and persuasively to negotiate, consult, and engage with clients, employees and other stakeholders
  6. Apply research principles and methods to design innovative options and solutions for, and make reasoned judgements about, problems and issues in contemporary business practice
  7. Apply and integrate professional theory with practice in authentic Work Integrated Learning (WIL) contexts, professional contexts and industry settings.

Career objectives

The Graduate Certificate of International Business will develop a body of knowledge and skills in international business. The specific learning outcomes of this program relate to the development of knowledge and skills in research, operational leadership, cross-cultural competency, analytical and technical competency, problem-solving and effective communication. The application of these will be demonstrated through interactive and experiential learning activities, case studies and assessments.

Higher education

Australian Bachelor degree or equivalent or higher level qualification in any discipline.

Work and Life

No prior academic qualifications but a minimum of 5 years full-time (FTE) work experience is required. Applicants will be required to submit a CV.

English Proficiency Requirements

For information on English Language Requirements and acceptable English Language tests please see:

International students currently residing in Australia on an international student visa, will not be eligible for the program.

Students who successfully complete the RMIT Graduate Certificate in International Business may articulate into the Master of International Business and will be exempted from completing the four (4) Business Enabling subjects and the four (4) discipline subjects completed in the Graduate Certificate in International Business, and will be required to complete eight (8) subjects (96 credit points) in order to qualify for the degree.

Credits and exemptions will be assessed consistent with the principles of the RMIT University's Credit Policy.

The Graduate Certificate in International Business is a stand-alone award that offers a pathway for further learning leading to the Master of International Business, or can be an early exit point for those enrolled in the Master of International Business. The degree aims to broaden knowledge and skills for students entering with a qualification in an unrelated discipline, while students from a related discipline will deepen their existing knowledge and skills.

The Graduate Certificate in International Business is designed to prepare you for a career in international corporate, government or not-for-profit organisations.  The degree builds the knowledge and skills necessary for critical and creative approaches to international business by providing advanced study in contemporary international business theory and practice that is supported by ethical and sustainable business decision-making. It will also provide you with the capacity to address the international regulation of business and critically evaluate the impacts of decisions and practice through case studies and interactive and experiential learning activities.

Award Requirements

To meet the requirements of the Graduate Certificate in International Business award, students must satisfactorily complete 4 compulsory core subjects.

Exit Points

The Graduate Certificate in International Business is an early exit point for the Master of International Business.

Please note: The Master of International Business has undergone a change due to changes in the Australian Qualification Framework. Students who started their degree prior to 2015 can continue with the pre-2015 course. All students beginning their studies from 2015 will need to study the new course structure.