Degree structure

Degree details

Graduates of this degree could be expected to find employment or – if already employed - to enhance their qualification in government, especially in strategic analysis, trade and investment relations, and international cultural contacts. Businesses with overseas profiles, international aid and other non-governmental organisations, news and media organisations and educators also present potential avenues of employment for graduates.

Career objectives

In this degree, students will develop business skills with an international perspective, with a strong focus on strategic analysis in Asia.

Students will be able to hone thought, leadership and strategic international business skills, all of which are vital in a global economy.

On completion of this degree students will be able to:

  • Explain variations in business management systems and organisation in the Asia Pacific;
  • Outline the values and assumptions and the political and economic contexts which influence Asian businesses;
  • Better understand the major political systems with Asian countries and the differences and similarities between them;
  • Understand the body of knowledge related to the effects of culture in international business in particular the Asia Pacific.

No eligibility requirements

As per Griffith University Credit Policy.

Please note: This program is no longer on offer to new students. Existing Students must complete all relevant subjects by the end of Study Session 1 2018.

The Graduate Certificate in Asia Pacific Business Management is designed to suit the professional development needs of public and private organisations which are seeking to develop their footprint in the region. The Graduate Certificate will provide a strong foundation in the functional areas of Asia Pacific business and management with strategic applications.

Award Requirements

To be eligible for the award of Graduate Certificate in Asia Pacific Business Management (GCertAsPacBusMgt), a student must complete four prescribed subjects.

The maximum period for completing this program is 2 years.