Degree structure

Degree details

Please note: This program has been withdrawn and will not be available for new applicants.


Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Studies) degree will have a broad and coherent body of knowledge, with depth in the underlying principles and concepts in one or more disciplines as a basis for independent life long in contemporary Australian and global societies and contexts.


Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Studies) degree will have:

  • cognitive skills to review critically, analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge in Indigenous Studies, and the relationship within the Australian and international context
  • cognitive and technical skills (including practical experience) to demonstrate a broad understanding of knowledge with depth in working and collaborating with the Aboriginal community
  • cognitive and creative skills to exercise critical thinking and judgement in identifying opportunities and solving problems related to colonisation and globalisation in contemporary societies and contexts with intellectual independence
  • communication skills to present a clear, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge and ideas in the context of Indigenous communication protocols within the local and global society

Application of knowledge and skills

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Studies) degree will demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills:

  • with initiative and judgement in planning, problem solving and decision making in professional practice and/or scholarship
  • to adapt knowledge and skills in diverse contexts in relation to policies and discourses that shape and have shaped the Australian society
  • with responsibility and accountability for own learning and professional practice and in collaboration with others within broad parameters
  • discipline specific knowledge and skills

The Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Studies) is the only completely online Indigenous Studies degree in Australia. This degree ensures that graduates will display the specialist knowledge and analytical skills of the professions for which they have trained and will also possess broader, generic knowledge, skills and understanding.

The degree is of interest to people in a wide range of professional studies including education, health, psychology, social work, community development, and the environmental sector. Employment opportunities can also be strengthened when students gain further skills and knowledge within Indigenous Studies, through the expansion of the number of degrees within the program to include a minor stream in history that incorporates Indigenous knowledges.

Higher education via OUA

Successful completion of Humanities Pathway OR
Successfully completed at least 4 Open Universities Australia (OUA) Undergraduate units.

Higher education

Completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma, obtaining a minimum score of 24 points and fulfilled any prerequisite requirements.

Secondary education

Qualified for SACE or equivalent secondary school education to be eligible for selection in 2013, applicants are required to have the following SACE qualifications:

- completed 200 credits of subjects

- achieved a grade of C1 or better in the Personal Learning Plan, 20 credits of literacy, 10 credits of numeracy and the Research Project at Stage 2;

- achieved a grade C- or better in an additional 60 credits at Stage 2; and obtained a competitive ATAR of 55 or higher

- four SACE stage 2 subjects a grade of C- or better

VET studies

Completed an award from TAFE or from another registered training organisation at AQF Certificate IV or above and fulfilled any prerequisite requirements.

The University of South Australia policy on credit, exemption, studies-in-lieu and recognition of prior learning will be implemented on an individual basis, and be determined by the Program Director in consultation with Subject Coordinators where appropriate. It is recommended that credit applications are submitted at least 6 weeks prior to registering in degree subjects.

The Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Studies) degree qualifies individuals who apply a broad and coherent body of knowledge in relation to Indigenous Studies in a range of local, international and global contexts to undertake professional ethical work and as a pathway for further learning.

Recommended Study Pattern

This degree is an OUA Pathways course, which means there is a recommended series of subjects that, once successfully completed, can be credited towards this degree. To commence the Pathway for this degree, simply select subjects from the Pathway stream below.

Students who aren't taking part in OUA Pathways are recommended to follow this study pattern:

  • Students without university experience may want to start with SSK10 Tertiary Learning strategies as an elective subject before starting their core subjects and major subjects.
  • Complete the Level 1 core subjects
  • Begin the Indigenous Studies major with the Level 1 subjects
  • Select a second major or minor to complete

Award Requirements

To qualify for the Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Studies) with University of South Australia, students must complete 24 subjects meeting the following criteria:

  • Complete four core subjects
  • Complete an Indigenous Studies major of eight subjects
  • Complete a second major of eight subjects or complete two additional minors - four subjects each
  • Complete four elective subjects or a minor in history
  • Students can study no more than twelve subjects at Level 1

Choose your subjects


1. Indigenous Studies major
Students should complete the Level 1 major units before enrolling in the rest of their Indigenous Studies major units

2. Second major or two minors
Students must complete a second major of eight units or two minors (four units each, with no more than two units at Level 1 in each minor). Students may study the Australian History minor units listed below or select from other courses offered through Open Universities Australia.
Students may wish to choose their second major or minor units from the following courses:

Students should contact the Program Director for further information about their second major or minor requirements.


Students need to complete four electives, which can be chosen from any undergraduate unit offered through Open Universities Australia. When choosing electives, students should make sure they have no more than twelve Level 1 units across the degree.

Please note: This degree has been withdrawn and will not be available for new applicants. Existing students who are working towards this degree can continue to enrol in subjects.