Courses & units

Swinburne University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Problem Solving with ICT
ICT10001 Swinburne SP3
Programming Concepts (Previously COS10012)
ICT10013 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Database Analysis and Design (Previously INF20004 Database Concepts and Modelling)
INF10002 Swinburne SP1 SP2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Requirements Analysis and Modelling (Previously INF10006 Information Systems Fundamentals)
INF20003 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Business Information Systems Analysis (Previously INF20002 Business Analysis and Modelling)
INF30003 Swinburne SP1
Information Systems Management (Previously INF20006 Management Support Systems)
INF30018 Swinburne SP1 SP2
Business Information Systems Industry Project
INF30027 Swinburne SP1 SP3
LAW30006 Swinburne SP1