Courses & units

Swinburne University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Critical Friends: The Real and Virtual Support of Writers
PWR60001 SWI SP1 SP3
Real Life Writing
PWR60002 SWI SP1 SP3
Research for Writers
PWR60003 SWI SP1 SP3
PWR60004 SWI SP1 SP3
Reading and Writing
PWR70001 SWI SP1
Online Writing
PWR70002 SWI SP3
Script Adaptation: Stage, Screen and Multimedia
PWR70003 SWI SP1
Writing History: People, Places and Times
PWR70004 SWI SP2
Critical and Creative Practices: The Writerly Identity
PWR80001 SWI SP1
Script Writing
PWR80002 SWI SP2
The Creative Artefact: Publication Folio B
PWR80003 SWI SP2
Writing and New Media (Previously LPW703)
PWR80004 SWI SP3
Writing and Praxis: Publication Folio A
PWR80005 SWI SP1