Courses & units

Murdoch University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Introduction to Sociology
SOC134 Murdoch SP2 SP3
Introduction to Sustainable Development
SUS100 Murdoch SP3 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Indigenous Australia and the Nation
AIS204 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Drugs in Society
BRD202 Murdoch SP1 SP3 SP4
Creativity and Innovation
BRD209 Murdoch SP2 SP3
BRD251 Murdoch SP2 SP3 SP4
Sustainability, Ecology and Communities
SUS203 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Resilient Regions: Sustainability in Practice
SUS301 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Economics of Sustainability
SUS305 Murdoch SP3 SP4
International Aid and Development in Practice
SUS309 Murdoch SP3 SP4
Sustainable Urban Communities
SUS310 Murdoch SP1 SP2