Courses & units

Macquarie University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Foundations in Gender Studies
GENX110 Macquarie SP1 SP2 SP3
Australian and Global Societies
SOCX175 Macquarie SP1 SP2 SP4
Sociology of Everyday Life
SOCX180 Macquarie SP2 SP3 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Theories of Modernity
SOCX222 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Methods of Social Research
SOCX224 Macquarie SP2 SP3 SP4
Power, Difference and Recognition
SOCX225 Macquarie SP1 SP2
Science Society and Environment
SOCX254 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Sociology of Media
SOCX279 Macquarie SP1 SP4
Generations: Childhood, Adulthood, Old Age
SOCX298 Macquarie SP3 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Naughty Boys, Bad Girls: Gender and Discipline at Home and at School
GENX312 Macquarie SP2 SP3
The Intimate Sphere: Love, Friendship and Family
SOCX315 Macquarie SP1 SP4
Human Services: Organisations, Structures and Policy
SOCX322 Macquarie SP1 SP2
Understanding Contemporary Societies
SOCX325 Macquarie SP2 SP4
The Sociology of the Public Sphere
SOCX329 Macquarie SP2 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Developing Social Policy
SOCX810 Macquarie Sess1
North, South, East, West: Comparative Social Policy
SOCX811 Macquarie Sess3
Evaluation and the Policy Process
SOCX818 Macquarie Sess3
Sociology of Institutions and Organisations
SOCX821 Macquarie Sess2
Doing Social Survey Research
SOCX830 Macquarie Sess1
Qualitative Methods
SOCX831 Macquarie Sess3
Social Care and Human Services
SOCX863 Macquarie Sess2
Economy and Society
SOCX865 Macquarie Sess3
Work and Employment
SOCX866 Macquarie Sess2