Courses & units

Macquarie University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Introduction to Security Studies
PICX110 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Security in an Age of Risk
PICX111 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Strategy and Security in the Indo-Pacific Region
PICX112 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Terrorism in the 21st Century
PICX113 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Intelligence and Counter Intelligence
PICX210 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
National Security: Policy and Strategy
PICX211 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Modern Warfare
PICX212 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
National Resilience: Crisis Response and Emergency Management
PICX213 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Insecurity and Development
PICX310 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Cyber Security in Practice
PICX311 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Strategies of Political Violence
PICX313 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Ethics and Security
PICX320 MAQ Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
PICX802 MAQ Sem1
Police Leadership and Governance (Previously: Strategic Policing)
PICX806 MAQ Sem1
Cyber Terrorism and Information Warfare
PICX808 MAQ Sem1
Critical Thought and Research Design
PICX812 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Foundations of Modern Intelligence
PICX813 MAQ Sem1
Architecture of Modern Intelligence
PICX814 MAQ Sem2
Counter Terrorism
PICX818 MAQ Sem2
Terrorism Dynamics
PICX837 MAQ Sem2
Civil Wars and Insurgencies
PICX838 MAQ Sem1
Cyber Crime (Previously: Cybercrime)
PICX840 MAQ Sem2
Organised Crime
PICX841 MAQ Sem2
Strategic Law Enforcement
PICX842 MAQ Sem2
International Policing Systems (Previously: Comparative Policing)
PICX843 MAQ Sem1
The Modern Intelligence Practitioner
PICX844 MAQ Sem2
Practice of Modern Intelligence
PICX845 MAQ Sem1
Cyber Security
PICX848 MAQ Sem1
Cyber Policing and Intelligence
PICX849 MAQ Sem2
Strategic Concepts
PICX850 MAQ Sem1
Strategic Thinkers
PICX851 MAQ Sem2
Geopolitics and Geostrategy
PICX860 MAQ Sem2
Transnational Security
PICX861 MAQ Sem2
The Crimes of the Powerful
PICX862 MAQ Sem2
International Security
PICX901 MAQ Sem2
Nuclear Weapons
PICX905 MAQ Sem1
Asia-Pacific Security
PICX913 MAQ Sem2
Humanitarian Intervention and Peacekeeping
PICX915 MAQ Sem2
Australia's Strategic and Defence Policy in a Changing Asia
PICX921 MAQ Sem1
Transnational Security in Asia
PICX922 MAQ Sem2
Strategic Simulation
PICX950 MAQ Sem2
Simulation in Security and Strategy
PICX951 MAQ Sem2
Simulation in Intelligence
PICX953 MAQ Sem2
Simulation in Counter Terrorism
PICX955 MAQ Sem2