Units List

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Rome: From Republic to Empire
AHIX110 MAQ Sem2
Myth in the Ancient World
AHIX140 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and the Near East
AHIX150 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
After the Black Death: Europe 1348 - 1789
MHIX121 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Ancient Greek A
AHIX208 MAQ Sem1
Latin A
AHIX218 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
From Constantine to Justinian: Church and State in Late Antiquity
AHIX221 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age
AHIX241 MAQ Sem1
The Roman Eastern Frontier
AHIX242 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
From Ur to Babylon: A History of Israel from Abraham to the Babylonian Exile
AHIX250 MAQ Sem2
Pagans, Jews and Christians: Athens and Jerusalem
AHIX253 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Art and Architecture Through Roman Eyes
AHIX265 MAQ Sem2
ANZAC: Australians at War
MHIX205 MAQ Sem1 Sem2 Sem3
War and Peace in World History
MHIX211 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
The Age of Revolution: Europe from the Reign of Terror to the First World War
MHIX221 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
AHIX320 MAQ Sem2
Prehistory to Pompeii: Archaeology in Ancient Italy
AHIX331 MAQ Sem1
Sparta and Greece: Archaic and Classical
AHIX335 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Animals in the Ancient World
AHIX350 MAQ Sem1
Ancient History Capstone
AHIX399 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Making History: Capstone Unit
MHIX300 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Australian History Since 1901
MHIX302 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Twentieth-Century Europe
MHIX321 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
From the Beats to Big Brother: Popular Culture Since the 1950s
MHIX365 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Ancient Egyptian Religion
AHIX801 MAQ Sem2
The Athenian Empire 510-404 BC
AHIX820 MAQ Sem1
Egypt: Alexander to Augustus
AHIX821 MAQ Sem2
The Art and Archaeology of Coptic Monasticism
AHIX855 MAQ Sem2