Courses & units

Griffith University

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Management Concepts (Introduction to Management)
IBA111 Griffith SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Management Communication
COM21 Griffith SP2 SP4
Organisational Behaviour
EHR205 Griffith SP1 SP3
Business Communication
EHR208 Griffith SP1 SP3
Government Business Relations
GIR204 Griffith SP1 SP3
Comparative Management
IBA205 Griffith SP2 SP3
Business Processes
IBA218 Griffith SP2 SP4
International Food and Beverage Management
THS208 Griffith SP1
International Tourism & Hotel Management Principles
THS209 Griffith SP1
Rooms Division Management
THS216 Griffith SP2
Marketing & Sales for Hotels
THS222 Griffith SP2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Intercultural Management
IBA304 Griffith SP1 SP3
Quality Management
IBA305 Griffith SP1 SP3
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
IBA306 Griffith SP2 SP3
Management Problem Solving
IBA311 Griffith SP2 SP3
Management Strategy and Decision Making
IBA312 Griffith SP2 SP3
Conference and Convention Management
THS313 Griffith SP3
Hotel Service Operations Management
THS315 Griffith SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Knowledge-Based Management in Asia
IBA700 Griffith Sess1
Doing Business in Asia Pacific Economies
IBA701 Griffith Sess2
Asian Business Systems
IBA702 Griffith Sess2
Corporate Governance in the Asia Pacific
IBA703 Griffith Sess1