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  • Fundamentals in Forensic Science

    UNE-FSC102 | Undergraduate

  • Selected School Science Topic

    UNE-EDSE101 | Undergraduate

  • Data Science Studio 1

    UNE-COSC102 | Undergraduate

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  • Statistical Concepts for Science

    MAQ-FOSX1015 | Undergraduate

  • Science of Sex

    MAQ-BIOX2320 | Undergraduate

    Chart how the human attitude and biological approach to sex has evolved. Understand the chemistry that influences partners’ attraction to each other. Scrutinise hormones, reproductive cycles and the sexual behaviours of both humans and animals.

  • Teaching Science in the Primary Years

    CUR-MTP505 | Postgraduate

    Get ready to teach science in primary school. You’ll learn key approaches, tools and strategies. Focus on three strands of the Australian science curriculum: chemistry, physics and biology. Go over successful classroom management strategies.