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  • Counselling Concepts

    USA-BEHL1026 | Undergraduate

    Consider yourself a good listener and advice giver? Study the foundations of counselling with this introductory course. Cover psychotherapy theories, communication and interpersonal skills. Gain confidence in counselling concepts and theory. 

  • Understanding Social Problems

    GRF-CCJ18 | Undergraduate

    Comprehend crime in a social context. Foster an understanding of the dynamic relationship between the individual and society. Apply these perspectives to social problems in everyday life: illegal drug use, domestic violence, terrorism and pollution.

  • The Social World

    USA-SOCU1008 | Undergraduate

    Think about how modern society was formed, and why it has become the way it has. Look at social change with a critical lens. Analyse contemporary issues around globalisation and post-industrialisation. Rethink gender, race and education.

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  • Introduction to Social Media

    USA-COMM1073 | Undergraduate

    Put your social media presence under a magnifying glass. Use a critical mind to look at how frequently you use social platforms, and why. Begin to understand how social media is used in strategy by organisations the world over.

  • Responding to Disability and Ageing

    UNE-HSSW168 | Undergraduate

    Challenge what you know about people who are ageing or have a disability. Pick apart traditional concepts and seek alternative perspectives. Think about what disability and ageing mean to the individual and community and reflect on your experiences.

  • Come to understand how health and community services can help disadvantaged individuals, groups, communities and regions.

  • Come to understand the history and context of health professional practice using the lens of your own profession. Look into ethical, legal and professional standards of practice.

  • Examine sources for knowledge and decision making in health and social care. Consider the strengths and challenges of using an evidence based approach in the industry. 

  • Foundations of Community Health Work

    UNE-HDCW125 | Undergraduate

    Get ready to work with socially and culturally diverse communities to improve their wellbeing. Get to know the boundaries between what’s private and public. Explore your own personal biases. Be ethical and equitable in your decisions and caring.