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  • Swinburne University of Technology

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  • Exploring Stars and the Milky Way

    SWI-AST80004 | Postgraduate

    Revolve around the Milky Way and classify stars. Illuminate stellar lifecycles from the birth of dazzling white dwarfs to fading red giants. Get deeply topical. Discuss dark matter and raise awareness of modern theory. Map out an astronomical topic. 

  • Exploring the Solar System

    SWI-AST80005 | Postgraduate

    Revolve around the solar system. Survey the stellar suburbs of stars, terrestrial and giant planets and the Moon and Sun. Understand Earth’s position.  Study celestial activities of the night sky. Probe the solid surfaces of Mercury, Venus and Mars. 

  • Galaxies and their Place in the Universe

    SWI-AST80006 | Postgraduate

    Gravitate towards galaxies and reveal the theory of dark matter. Chart the universe in depth and navigate structures from dwarf stars to voids. Discover the gravity of galactic clusters. Unearth how first galaxies are formed, evolve and change. 

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  • Studies in Space Exploration

    SWI-AST80017 | Postgraduate

    Launch through the cosmos and trace the history and progress of space exploration. Navigate the risks and benefits. Observe and explore crewed versus robotic galactic missions. Unearth ethical and legal debates. Probe public perceptions. 

  • Astrobiology and the Origins of Life

    SWI-AST80001 | Postgraduate

    Navigate the origins and evolution of life on Earth. Study what matters in the universe and reach for the stars. Uncover the early Earth and the rise of life. Explore probabilities of life on other planets—what makes habitability and the signs of life.