Bridging units

Bridging units

If you need to brush up your general academic skills or gain knowledge in a specific subject area before starting your course, try one of our foundation units.

UNILEARN foundation units are a flexible way to brush up your subject knowledge or to introduce you to new study areas.

Each unit offers considerable flexibility by:

  • starting these units any time
  • sitting an optional exam to test your knowledge
  • having up to 12 months from the  date of enrolment to complete each individual unit.

Note: for students to be successful, we have found that a maximum enrolment of 2 courses for the initial enrolment and then further enrolment in an additional course after three months active enrolment in the initial 2 courses.

If you choose to sit the optional exam offered as a part of each unit, you will be awarded a Statement of Achievement with a grade and percentage mark. If you choose to complete the progress tests only, you will receive an ungraded Statement of Completion. Please note that sitting the optional exam incurs an additional cost of $75.00. Some students will not need to complete the exam component, depending on their course requirements; therefore the cost of the exam is not included in the unit price. Any students who are unsure about whether they need to sit the optional exam should contact Unilearn for clarification.

UNILEARN foundation units are not accredited units.

For further information about UNILEARN programs, support and materials please go to

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Academic Literacy Skills
UNL11 Unilearn Continuous
Senior English
UNL14 Unilearn Continuous
UNL21 Unilearn Continuous
Introductory Mathematics
UNL31 Unilearn Continuous
Senior Mathematics
UNL32 Unilearn Continuous
UNL44 Unilearn Continuous
Get Prepared to Study Online
UNL64 Unilearn Continuous
UNL71 Unilearn Continuous
Introduction to Economics
UNL81 Unilearn Continuous

Full time enrolment requirements: Individual or Combined course enrolments

Individual course enrolment

Individual Course hours
Weeks to complete course (full-time load) 
Academic Literacy Skills (ALS)
13 weeks
Introductory Mathematics (IM)
18 weeks
Senior Mathematics (SM)
18 weeks
Biology (B)
18 weeks
Chemistry (C)
18 weeks
Physics (P)
18 weeks

Combined course enrolment

Individual Course hours
Weeks to complete course (full-time load) 
ALS + any other UNILEARN course
32 weeks
Any UNILEARN math course + Any UNILEARN science course
36 weeks

Refund Policy

Applications for refunds of unit fees can be made by following the process explained in How to withdraw.

A refund of up to 75% of the unit fee will be considered for all units.