Postgraduate Law and justice units - Law

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Introduction to Law & Legal Reasoning
LAW730 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Intro to Torts
LAW732 Griffith Sess2
Intro to Administrative Law
LAW733 Griffith Sess1
Intro to Employment & IR Law
LAW734 Griffith Sess2
OJD100 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Fundamentals of Contract Law
OJD105 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Introduction to the Australian Legal System and Legal Methods
OJD110 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Advanced Contract Law
OJD115 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Law of Torts
OJD120 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Criminal Law
OJD140 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Administrative Law
OJD150 RMIT Sess1
Australian Property Law
OJD160 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
OJD180 RMIT Sess1 Sess3
JD Study Tour (CIJ) - Innovative Justice and Court Innovation
OJD190 RMIT Sess2
Australian Company Law
OJD210 RMIT Sess1
International Law
OJD220 RMIT Sess2
Federal and State Constitutional Law
OJD230 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Australian Taxation Law
OJD240 RMIT Sess1
Intellectual Property Law
OJD250 RMIT Sess2
Civil Procedure
OJD260 RMIT Sess1
Introduction to Family Law in Australia
OJD270 RMIT Sess2
Environment and Planning Law Practice
OJD280 RMIT Sess1
OJD330 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Competition and Consumer Law
OJD340 RMIT Sess2
International Business Law
OJD350 RMIT Sess2
Equity And Trusts
OJD370 RMIT Sess2
Labour Law
OJD412 RMIT Sess2
Legal Practice Management and Professional Conduct
OJD416 RMIT Sess2 Sess3
Legal Research Project
OJD417 RMIT Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Acquisitions, Takeovers and Mergers
OJD418 RMIT Sess3
Wills and Succession
OJD420 RMIT Sess1
Human Rights Law in Australia
OJD423 RMIT Sess3