Postgraduate Law and justice units - Criminology

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Making Sense of Criminal Justice
CCJ702 Griffith Sess1
Law and Behaviour
CCJ707 Griffith Sess1
Forensic Mental Health Legislation and Policies
CCJ711 Griffith Sess1
Ethics and Accountability in FMH
CCJ712 Griffith Sess2
Mental Disorder and Crime
CCJ713 Griffith Sess1
Advanced Assessment & Management in Forensic Mental Health
CCJ714 Griffith Sess1
Minority Populations in Forensic Mental Health
CCJ715 Griffith Sess2
Research, Evaluation and Policy Analysis
CCJ722 Griffith Sess2
Developmental Crime Prevention
CCJ723 Griffith Sess2
Crime Analysis and Investigation
CCJ724 Griffith Sess1
Interventions with Offenders
CCJ730 Griffith Sess2
Crime Mapping
CCJ732 Griffith Sess2
Intelligence Led Policing
CCJ733 Griffith Sess2
Quantitative Skills for Criminologists (Previously Quantitative Social Research)
CCJ736 Griffith Sess1
Qualitative Skills for Criminologists (Previously Qualitative Social Research)
CCJ737 Griffith Sess1
Justice and Crime (Responses)
CCJ740 Griffith Sess2
Criminological Theories
CCJ742 Griffith Sess1
Advanced Criminological Theories (Causes)
CCJ744 Griffith Sess1
Planned Change in Criminal Justice
CCJ746 Griffith Sess2
Individual Project
CCJ747 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Risk Assessment and Management in Mental Health
CCJ749 Griffith Sess2
Interventions and Recovery in Forensic Mental Health (previously CCJ741)
CCJ750 Griffith Sess1