Undergraduate units in Health

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BCM201 La Trobe SP2 SP4
Metabolic Biochemistry and Cell Biology
BCM202 La Trobe SP2 SP4
Introduction to Nutrition
DTN101 La Trobe SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Applied Food Chemistry
DTN102 La Trobe SP2 SP4
Principles of Nutrition
DTN201 La Trobe SP1 SP3
Nutrition and Disease
DTN301 La Trobe SP1 SP3
Food and Societies
DTN302 La Trobe SP2 SP4
Lifespan Nutrition
DTN401 La Trobe SP3
Food Science
DTN402 La Trobe SP3
Nutrition Education for Adults
DTN403 La Trobe SP4
Nutritional Epidemiology and Research Skills
DTN404 La Trobe SP4
Human Biosciences A
HBS101 La Trobe SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Human Biosciences B
HBS102 La Trobe SP1 SP4
Human Physiology Theory A
HBS202 La Trobe SP1 SP3
Human Physiology Theory B
HBS204 La Trobe SP1 SP3
Research and Evidence in Practice
HEA102 La Trobe SP2 SP4
Human Health
HEA110 UniSA SP1 SP3
Integrating Evidence into Practice
HEA201 La Trobe SP2 SP4
Social Determinants of Health
PHE101 La Trobe SP1 SP3
Individual Determinants of Health
PHE102 La Trobe SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Sexology in a Contemporary Context
SEX380 Curtin SP3