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Course results for University of Queensland Masters Health & medical science Degrees

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  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-PBH-MAS | Postgraduate

    Make your mark on a specific area of public health

    Choose from six public health specialisations, including health promotion and Indigenous health. Then work on an advanced research project in that field, which could help you influence future policy. Complete an industry placement to further your experience. 

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-EPD-MAS | Postgraduate

    Make a meaningful contribution to the field of epidemiology

    Improve population health and increase life expectancy. Take your epidemiological, biostatistical and methodological skills to an advanced level. You’ll choose from clinical or standard epidemiology and deep dive into your dissertation.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-SCA-MAS | Postgraduate

    Strengthen your career as an innovative sports coach

    Get set for advanced coaching roles with high-performance athletes and teams. You’ll learn with a global cohort under the guidance of elite coaches and expert academics. Topics include sports psychology and nutrition. For coaches of all sports.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-MED-MAS | Postgraduate

    Learn how to diagnose and manage skin cancer cases

    Become a skin cancer specialist in your clinical practice or in a research and policy role. This Masters by Coursework will empower you to differentiate between skin lesions, interpret pathology results and make appropriate treatment choices.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-SPM-MAS | Postgraduate

    Diagnose, treat, and manage exercise-related injuries

    Study a program designed for GPs to upskill in sports medicine. Build your capacity to help patients with different abilities and ages. You'll be well equipped to treat a range of active people—from amateur sports enthusiasts to elite athletes.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-MRT-MAS | Postgraduate

    Become an in-demand imaging specialist

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of magnetic resonance technology so you can pursue more senior radiology roles. Explore emerging techniques that represent the future of imaging. Strive for publication by completing an advanced research project.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-MIT-MAS | Postgraduate

    Become an international leader in molecular imaging

    Learn from industry-leading experts. You’ll cover all key aspects and delve into the latest developments. Complete an in-depth molecular imaging research project. Apply your deep insights to advancements in disease diagnostics, drug discovery, and more.