Undergraduate Arts and Humanities units - Sociology

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Foundations in Gender Studies
GENX110 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Understanding the Social World (Previously Introduction to Sociology)
SGY14 Griffith SP1 SP2
Sociological Foundations
SOC10004 Swinburne SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Introduction to Sociology
SOC134 Murdoch SP2 SP3
Australian Society
SOCX175 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Sociology of Everyday Life
SOCX180 Macquarie Sem2
Introduction to Sustainable Development
SUS100 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Indigenous Australia and the Nation
AIS204 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Drugs in Society
BRD202 Murdoch SP3 SP4
Creativity and Innovation
BRD209 Murdoch SP2 SP3
BRD251 Murdoch SP2 SP4
Power and Politics
SGY200 Griffith SP2 SP3
Sociology of Identity
SGY230 Griffith SP1 SP3
Sociology of Youth
SGY251 Griffith SP1 SP3
Race, Ethnicity and Migration
SOC20013 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Theories of Modernity
SOCX222 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Methods of Social Research
SOCX224 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Power, Difference and Recognition
SOCX225 Macquarie Sem1
Science Society and Environment
SOCX254 Macquarie Sem2
Sociology of Media
SOCX279 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Sustainability, Ecology and Communities
SUS203 Murdoch SP2 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Naughty Boys, Bad Girls: Gender and Discipline at Home and at School
GENX312 Macquarie Sem2
Sexology in a Contemporary Context
SEX380 Curtin SP3
Death, Grief and Culture
SGY352 Griffith SP2 SP3
Work and Leisure
SGY354 Griffith SP1 SP2
Research in Sociology
SGY356 Griffith SP1 SP2
Global Futures
SOC30003 Swinburne SP3
Love, Sex and Friendship
SOCX315 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Human Services in the 21st Century: Care, Gender and Institutions
SOCX322 Macquarie Sem1
Understanding Contemporary Societies
SOCX325 Macquarie Sem2
The Sociology of the Public Sphere
SOCX329 Macquarie Sem2
Resilient Regions: Sustainability in Practice
SUS301 Murdoch SP1 SP2
Economics of Sustainability
SUS305 Murdoch SP3 SP4
International Aid and Development in Practice
SUS309 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Sustainable Urban Communities
SUS310 Murdoch SP1 SP2